May 19


As of today, has reached a record for FlickCabin itself, it’s reached something which normal users of FlickCabin may not know about; however it’s a benchmark to what we at FlickCabin offer. We have actually reached the 100GB bandwidth mark, meaning have used 100GB of premium bandwidth line for our services, we can go even higher than this as this is just a small amount. However this does show us that our service is being used in a big way as we get hundreds of hits per day from unique people to people keeping who have used our services and have come back to use it! I’m also hoping the pagerank will increase for due to the high amount of images being hosted in peoples signatures on forums, myspace, blogs and a whole line of Internet usage, thus with this market of pagerank in place we can actually sell banners on our website!

The newest picture at FlickCabin is this one:

Not exactly sure what it is, however it links a Russian military website… I think it’s a conspiracy, the Russians are taking over! :)

Second latest image to be hosted:

Third latest image to be hosted:

The guy above is actually my third favourite actor, so kudos to the person who uploaded this picture! - I’m also going to watch his latest film, you know what it’s called, Indiana Jones!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Arnold Says:

    Good style. Send a link to friend

  2. Flick Says:

    Thanks Arnold. :)

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