Jun 9


Posted by Flick

We noticed we had an upload problem yesterday however we have now corrected this issue and the issue only pertained to being a memory limit set inside the server! As said this has been corrected and FlickCabin services have continued to normal standards. Any images which were uploaded yesterday were not uploaded however all images which were already on the server were not affected by this; this was simply issue with the server that has been resolved. We have also made some changes to the Google AdSense placements, we hope people don’t mind as they seriously aren’t to intrusive.

I also forgot to update that we are still getting people uploading pornographic material, this is not tolerated and this will not tolerated so as affective of the 10th of June, we will be contacting ISPs and getting your internet shut down, we have already contacted two ISPs and they have reported to the closure of two IP addresses. We don’t want to report people, but if you do not follow our terms of service’s there will be consequences. Thus reports are only made to the that higher of magnitude when people upload illegal images!

3 Responses to “Update”

  1. horny Says:

    Dead ?

  2. J├Ârgen Says:

    Are there any information about downtimes?

  3. Flick Says:

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for not replying in a timely manner! No the site isn’t dead, we recently transferred the site to a more reliable server, sorry for the downtime and inconvenience caused!

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